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A newborn’s future is limitless. The first three years of an infant’s life present countless milestones; from learning to walk to speaking a first word, these experiences build a foundation for long-term development. However, many children across the globe are unable to tap into this potential, and frequently do not live past these first few years. Many infants around the world, especially the developing world, are hindered by a highly preventable cause: malnutrition. To combat infant mortality, we present a simple, yet effective solution that provides nutrients to malnourished infants using innovative technologies. 



Our solution is an all-encompassing variation of the standard silicone pacifier, modified to store and dispense micronutrients that are vital for infant survival and development. The product’s design takes advantage of the baby’s natural sucking reflex in order to administer vitamins and minerals in a non-invasive manner, especially helpful to mothers who are unable to healthily breastfeed their babies. These minerals will be measured to accommodate the baby’s needs for their first year of life, providing customers with a safe and simple method to facilitate healthy growth and development. 



To bring justice to this cause, we have a powerful, customer-oriented team that is well-equipped with the skills to take a product to market, consisting of a Forbes Under 30 Scholar, Hult Prize Finalist, biomedical engineer, and Social Innovation Fellows of the Rutgers University Honors College.

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NJTC Innovation Video Contest: 1st Place

RWJMS BEN Health Innovation Summit: 1st Place

Rutgers Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo: 1st Place



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